Vorlesungen im HWS 2017/18

Cross Border Litigation and Arbitration

Mittwochs, 10.15 Uhr bis 11.45 Uhr in W 114, Schloss Westflügel

Vorlesungssprache: Englisch

Achtung: Vorlesung beginnt erst ab 25.10.2017!

Inhalt der Vorlesung
Parties to international disputes tend to strive for litigation in their home countries. This is primarily attributable to the parties’ and their representatives’ familiarity with the system and language. This tendency can even be observed in cases where an informed choice would prove a foreign venue to be more favourable, be it for procedural reasons (e.g. evidence, costs of litigation) or matters of substance (applicable law, ordre public, mandatory rules of the forum, scope of private autonomy).
The opposite effect can be observed with regard to arbitration. Arbitration often is chosen by parties in the belief that it is a superior means of dispute resolution, e.g. because it is said to be time- and cost-efficient, neutral, arbitrators ensure high legal quality and superior understanding of business contexts. In fact arbitration can be a very reasonable means of solving legal disputes. But whether state courts must be shy of the comparison will depend on the arbitration rules and venue chosen and the subject matter or the dispute.
The course consists of two parts: The first focuses on cross border litigation before state courts, the second will provide an overview on arbitration law.



Donenrstags, 15.30 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr in EW 156, Schlos Ehrenhof West

Vorlesungssprache: Deutsch

Achtung: Vorlesung beginnt erst ab 26.10.2017!